The Lost Chapter of history Arkan

18th December 1784 "The Black Day" when it was captured by the Buddhist "BURMESE" and its allies

The historical background of ROHINGIYA Muslims- Till 1430 AD ARKAN was a Muslim Empire and was invaded by Burma in December 1784, now it is known to be a state of united Burma. In state of ARKAN Muslims are in clear majority. Since third century after Christ Arabs had a very healthy relation and were engaged in bilateral issued including trade and some of them decided to settle over there.

Within fifty years after the arrival of the beloved Prophet Mohammed (SAW) (PBUH) many mosques appeared in coastal area of Gulf and bay of Bengal. ARKAN had a very deep relation and close communication with Islam which can be justified by the exchange of letters and gifts between ARKAN and caliphs during "AMVEE" and "ABBASI". Not only this they were engaged in exchange of bilateral Political, Journal and commercial issues. Muslim Caliphs sent the delegation of Islamic Scholars of various fields which motivated the people of ARKAN to accept Islam at their own will specially HUZARMAH, ALVI, SADAAT and IRAQEES can be taken for instance among the delegates who got settled in ARKAN.

ARKAN is an Arabic Islamic name. it is very much clear form book of the famous historian of ARKAN Mr. KHALIL-UR-RAHMAN that Muslims did the job of "TABLEEG" propagation of Islamic faith based on five basic Pillars (ARKAN) which motivated the KING RAKHAM GOLANGI and he decided to name his state with ARKAN, which means that ARKAN is the capital of Islam and a basic place of Islam.

The historians have described relation of the Mohammed bin HANFIA or Mohammed HANFIA with ARKAN and Queen of ARKAN "KAYAFRI" when she accepted the Islam. The rule of Sheikh Abdullah is also described it and it is also obvious that Arabs established an Islamic Empire between 12th and seventeenth century.

The Muslims in ARKAN are known to be "ROHINGIYA" which is directed towards "ROHING". In fact it's a distorted term of Rahimi/Rahima. Rahima is name of an area near Kufa in Iraq.

Historians have described the name of capital ARKAN and its kings as Kingdom of Rahimee and King of east ARKAN as the popular businessman Suleman (237 Hijri-851 AD) Ibne Khirdadhba (250 Hijri, 864 AD) Yaqoobi (287 Hijri, 960 AD) Ibne alfaqiah Hamdani (290 Hijri-902 AD) Masudi (346 H - 957 AD) Qazi Rasheed bin zubair (463 Hijri-1070 AD) and Idreesi (560 H - 1164 AD) are the famous historians

Despite all these it is important to mention that Rahimi is directed towards the term Raham that means (Mercy) Raham Bakar bin Wail is a branch of Adnani Tribe, Raham bin Taj is a branch of Umroo bin Qais Tribe and it can be said that the foundation of Raheemi empire was led by Arabs as it is reflected in its name.

In the land of ARKAN the civilization of Islam and Muslims is very ancient. The Muslims ruled the ARKAN for three hundred and fifty years and King Mubaraz Shah Wali khan happened to be very famous King of ARKAN. He declared the Persian as official language and it has been practiced in all state affairs till 1845. The Persian has been the official language for 22 years even after it was conquered by the British. Similarly Salman Shah was also a Popular King of ARKAN who declared "Margh-e-Koh" "Rohing" the fort of stone the capital of his kingdom.

The expertise on the Sharia issues and Islamic affairs was the basic criteria for the kings to reign in Kingdom therefore the govt. coins, medals and the imperial signs were sculpted with Kalma Taiaba "LA ILA HA ILLALLAH" and the king were given the names in Arabic language even in Quranic verse like "AN AQIMUDDIN". Muslim Qazis (judges) were being appointed so that they can deliver the verdicts in the light of Sharia, and the Quran and Sunnah become the basis of all governmental decisions.

The language of the Muslims of ARKAN is "ROHINGIA" which is collectively more than fifty percent based on Arabic words and the Arabi characters "TAHABI" and Arabi Script is being used to write.

The population of Muslims in ARKAN is more than twenty five lacs which is greater than all other nations and races specially "Maghs" race who came from Magadh (Bihar) in India and settled over there whereas the people related to Burmese race who mostly in habitat in Mandley and its Surroundings they came from state of "Tibbat" in China before nineteenth century. They got united in eleventh century by dint of the efforts made by Anuratha and they chose the "PUGAN" city as their Principal base.

It was the Anuratha who brought about the Buddhism here and it's the state religion here now a days.

Qiblaee Khan attacked the Burma in 1287 and defeated the successors of Anuratha which caused the division of Burma in several small parts being ruled by regional land lords. In sixteenth century it was under rule of "Tingo" family. In 18th century in the leadership of "Along Fia" the Burmese crushed the rising of Moon tribes and thereafter Along Fia gave the extension of his empire by attacking India and using his military might.

Arkan was attacked many times by Burmese emperors thereby Arkan was again attacked by Burmese in the leadership of Min Khamin and was captured in 1404. Later in 1430 Arkanese Liberated their country in the leadership of Shehwali Khan in coordination of ruler of Bengal. In 1544 the Burmese attacked the Arkan once again in the leadership of Tabeen Shwethi but couldn't succeed and the ceasefire was declared.

During the rule of Sikandar Shah Second a fight for Delhi Crown started between the Sons of Shahjahan Aurangzeb Aalamgeer and Prince of Bengal Shujaa which resulted into the defeat of Prince Shujaa and he was forced to escape from Bengal and took refuge in Arkan via Chaigam. The name of this Long Coridore from Arkan to chaigam refers to this road, and it still continues to be the name of Shujaa Arkan Road.

In 1784 once again the Burmy administrator Bodhupia attacked the Arkan and captured it. Thereafter the British came and conquered the Arkan and it became the battle field for British and Japanese during the Second World War in 1826.

As a result of the conspiracy between Maghs and its allies Burmese and Japanese more than one lac Rohingiya Muslims were martyered whereby the British Military simply watched this all like a silent audience and finally more than five lacs Rohingiya Muslims were forced to migrate from Arkan to different places to seek refuse and about 307 three hundred seven urban area were devastated.

The genocide of Rohingiya Muslims and their migration from Arkan was conspired by Magh Buddhist in a well planned way and their ordeal still going on in order to make them a minority.

The Role and Responsibilities of International Communities

The international community turned a blind eye to the ordeal of Rohingya Muslims and watched the planned barbaric acts of Buddhist atrocities Rohingiya Muslims were subjected to. The international community did not even bother to pass any comment on the ban the govt. has put on their free movement in their own country. This double standard civilized society talks much about the human right violations of the terrorist outfits of certain and selective country but they don't see the inhuman acts taking place in day light in Myanmar.

The NAWA-E-HAQUE and its associated members tried beyond its capacity to solve the problems of Rohingiya Muslims who arrived in India somehow and extended its all co-operation in order to get them the legal status of refuse seekers in India by fighting with local and international institutions and succeeded in its goal to get them settled in different places temporarily with the help of Muslims umma and the grace of almighty Allah and waiting their return to the country of their origin.

We are committed to do anything possible and legal and appeal to the world society specially Muslims umma to come forward and help them out reach their destination and lead a life of dignity.

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